My Story.

This is the post excerpt.


This is my 1st blog …

So I am introducing my self ….

Being a human…. I love the insights of human…. The passion of life … Nature… and Beautiful world…

My name is Manoj Kumar Bhoi. From the land of nature … Odisha.

I believe in truth … World is my family and I am a little warrior to try this piece of nature… The earth … A beautiful place to live in harmony and fellow feelings.



The festival of colour brings so much happiness in our soul.

The Great Indian festival, where every Indian die to play with the colors, friends and family all are become enthusiast on this occasion.

This festival of brotherhood ties the whole nation into one. It cross all boundaries of caste colour and creed.


What we preach that is truth… in our lives we do not know how truth can be dismantle our peace. Yet it’s a path of purity .

Truth can be establish ones solidarity for living. Seeing those unhappiness outcome of truth is disturbing. Time takes it’s own realisation , what actually the truth is. It will consolidate by the time.

Nature Unlimited

This picture says so many things….. The course of our life ….

#Our living..

#Our future..

#Our habitation…..

  • The season of rain…Reflects our unhealthy or healthy environment… The #clouds around the top of the jungle reflects that we are still safe with nature…. Still it is alarming point of talk…. That we should care and take necessary steps to keep our greenery in tact…. 

@Nature unlimited….”Pakadajhar”Waterfall”- 

With my friend I visited this place ” Pakadajhar” near phulbani of Kandhamal district in the state of Odisha. Just 12 km from phulbani the district headquarters.

The nature has graced this district in open hand. It is one of the best one. It’s in the dense forest. To reach this place district administration has layed a road. You can see the beauty by any 2 or 4 wheeler.

The best time to visit this place is between August to february.